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Sunmall Yokodai

By Brian Kowalczyk - OCT 31,2018

The Yokodai housing complex was constructed in 1970 by the Japan Housing Corporation (Nihon Jutaku Kodan) to fill the need for affordable public housing. The old buildings were all given a facelift and the central courtyard was modernized with an attractive design providing relaxation space, a covered walkway, and a central area for special events.

”Sunmall” might appear a little different than what foreigners imagine a typical shotengai would look like. The first floors of each apartment buildings house a variety of shops capable of handling virtually all of the residents’ needs, as well those of visitors to the area. Currently, there are about fifty stores offering a wide range of services in the shōtengai and roughly a total of one hundred in the area immediately around the station.

Nearby you can find other attractions such as the Hamagin Space Science Center (about a five-minute walk from the station) and the Kanazawa Zoo (roughly twenty minutes by bus from the station). Hamagin provides lessons in all things space-related and has a strong focus on educating children on the topic through its planetarium and an array of special programs. The Kanazawa Zoo is the home to many large mammals such as elephants, rhinos, and giraffes as well as some more unusual types like the tapir and okapi. The zoo also connects with the Yokohama Shizen Kansatsu no Mori (Yokohama Nature Sanctuary), where you can enjoy long walks in the woods that could take you as far as Kamakura. These features make the area a great base for a family outing.

Every year Sunmall Yokodai hosts a women’s pro-wrestling event, though there is no fixed month chosen. A wrestling ring is set up in the central courtyard area with food and drink stalls erected around it. Clearly, the residents like pro-wrestling as they have held events during their Spring Festival and also one on Halloween complete with street performers. It’s not always about wrestling, though! At the end of August there is a Cool Summer Nights Fest with group dancing for young and old and food stalls selling traditional festival fare.

If you have been to many sightseeing spots in Japan, this area offers you the chance to get a local feel. Sunmall Yokodai is located just out of the exit of Yokodai Station on the Negishi Line about twenty minutes from Yokohama Station. It’s also conveniently located about twenty minutes from Kamakura Station as well.

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    Happy Halloween in Yokodai
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Near "Yokodai Station": JR Keihin-Tohoku/Negishi Line


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