Social Programs (Activities)

Yokohama presents a wealth of possibilities for enriching conventions with cultural and other supplementary activities.

Activities for Experiencing Japanese Culture

Cultural programs by Yokohama convention supporters (citizen volunteers)

Cultural programs by Yokohama convention supporters (citizen volunteers) The Yokohama Convention & Visitors Bureau can mobilize citizen volunteers to conduct cultural programs such as tea ceremony, flower arrangement, kimono try-on, origami class and more. Contact the bureau for details.

Tea ceremony

茶室(開光庵) Discover the world of the tea ceremony in the Kaikoh-an tea room’s remarkable setting on the 65th floor of the Yokohama Royal Park Hotel. Or why not visit a tea room in Sankeien, a Japanese garden. Yokohama Royal Park Hotel (Tea Ceremony Room "Kaikoh-an")

Sankeien (Tea Room in the Sankeien Memorial)

Zen meditation

Zen meditation Experience zen meditation at Yokohama’s Sojiji temple.


Ninja experience

Ninja experience Learn all about Ninja and become one yourself! Experience the meditation and learn about its secret weapon techniques.


Master craftspersons

Master craftspersons Witness master craftspersons at work on such traditional Japanese items as tatami mats and paper screens.
Contact the Yokohama Convention & Visitors Bureau for details.


Professional Sports

Professional Sports Take the chance to see one of the city’s professional baseball, soccer, or basketball teams in action.

Yokohama F・Marinos (Soccer)


Golf Several easily accessible golf courses lie in and around Yokohama.
Contact the Yokohama Convention & Visitors Bureau for details.


Fishing Enjoy fishing in Tokyo Bay on one of the numerous charter vessels based near the city’s convention sites.


Art and Music

Stage performance

Stage performance Yokohama abounds in performing arts venues, including jazz clubs, concert halls, and even a noh theater.

Yokohama Noh Theater
Yokohama Minato Mirai Hall
Yokohama Museum of Art
For more information on theaters and galleries, please check YOKOHAMA VISITORS’ GUIDE.

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