Why Yokohama?

Five Ways that Yokohama Supports Successful Meetings and Incentive Tours

1. Experience

Experience Yokohama is Japan’s most international city, and it is a world leader in international hospitality. The Yokohama Convention & Visitors Bureau possesses experienced expertise in welcoming meetings and incentive tours, and it provides diverse assistance to maximize the motivational benefits of incentive events. Complementing that assistance is enthusiastic support from local businesses and citizens, who pride themselves on making visitors feel at home in Yokohama.
Here are just a few examples of corporations that have recently hosted large incentive events in Yokohama (nationality of principal host in parentheses):

  • AIA (Thailand)
  • Cathay Life Insurance (Taiwan)
  • Microsoft (United States)
  • Nutrimetics (Australia)
  • Prudential Life Insurance (Republic of Korea)

2. Access

Getting to Yokohama from anywhere in the world is easy, thanks to the city’s proximity to two international airports, Tokyo International Airport (Haneda) and Narita International Airport. Yokohama’s easy access to two international airports is especially convenient for large gatherings, which present surges in demand for aircraft seating.
Access map
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3. Personality

Personality Yokohama is a city like none other. A cosmopolitan heritage is palpable on Yokohama’s every street and byway, and a sophisticated urbanity is on display in the city’s stunning array opportunities for dining, shopping, and sightseeing. Yokohama is chic, fun, and invigorating at work and at play.

4. Tourism

Tourism Stroll through the expansive grounds and historic buildings of the Japanese garden Sankeien. Explore a huge aquarium. Eat out in Chinatown. Take a brief side trip to Japan’s medieval capital of Kamakura. Yokohama and its environs reward visitors with sight-seeing opportunities for any kind of interest.

5. Hospitality

Hospitality The Yokohama Convention & Visitors Bureau mobilizes a full slate of support to help visitors enjoy their time in Yokohama. Representatives of the bureau help organizers with site inspections to ensure an optimal match between facilities and events. The bureau also coordinates cultural programs for visitors, provides free promotional materials for the events, and also furnishes welcoming banners. Yokohama is a welcoming city—an ideal site for motivating corporate team members through incentive events.

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