A diversity of modern and traditional performing artists are on hand in Yokohama to entertain guests at international conventions.

Traditional Japanese Performing Arts

Wadaiko drumming

Tsuduki Kosui and Tsuduki are two of Yokohama’s wadaiko traditional drumming troupes.

Website http://www.wadaiko-kosui.jp
Website http://tsuduki-taiko.com
Email info@wadaiko-kosui.jp

Yokohama Yasshatai

The Yokohama Yasshatai performers delight guests with a full menu of entertainment associated with Japanese festivals.
Contact the Yokohama Convention & Visitors Bureau for details.

Kyogen plays

Kyogen Plays The engaging comedy of kyogen plays transcends language and is readily enjoyable for visitors of all nationalities.

Website http://www.dentougeinou.com

Bon Festival dancing

Bon Festival dancing Japanese welcome home the spirits of their ancestors during the summertime O-bon season, and the festivals that take place at that time feature folk dancing in which everyone can participate.

Website http://arameya.hama1.jp/

Festival stalls

Festival stalls Recreate a Japanese festival setting with rows of stalls for playing games and sampling festival snacks.

Yokohama Artist
Website http://www.y-artist.co.jp
Yokohama Daidogei
Website http://daidogei.jp/en

Tuna cutting

Tuna cutting Skilled chefs work their artistry on slabs of tuna in fascinating displays of cutlery skill.

Website http://www.neo-emotion.jp

Uniquely Yokohama Entertainment

Chinese Entertainment

Lion dancing Yokohama’s large Chinese community invests the city with abundant possibilities for viewing traditional Chinese entertainment.

Lion dancing  
Chinese music http://www.chinesemusic.jp
Feng shui painting http://www.jccac.or.jp

Hamakoi dancing

Hamakoi Dance Singing and dancing by Yokohama’s Hamakoi dancers enlivens any gathering.

Cygnet Yokohama Byakkotai
Website http://byakko.cygnet.or.jp

Tricolor Mermaids

Tricolor Mermaids The official cheerleading team for the Yokohama F. Marinos professional soccer team is also available to perform at conventions and other gatherings.

Website http://cheerleaders.jp

Yokohama Fire Department Band

Yokohama Fire Department Band The band of the Yokohama fire department covers a diverse repertoire in performances for all occasions.

Website http://www.city.yokohama.lg.jp/shobo/brassband/

Zoorasian Brass (quintet)

Zoorasian Brass (quintet) The five members of the Zoorasian Brass perform regularly at the Yokohama Zoological Gardens, Zoorasia, and are available for command performances.

Website http://www.superkids.co.jp/z-brass/

Bar booth

Bar Booth Several cocktails now standard in Japan originated in Yokohama, including the Bamboo, the Million Dollar, the Yokohama, and the Cherry Blossom.

Onsite cocktail service by professional bartenders is available for receptions.
Website http://cocktail.ter.jp

Street performances

Street Performances Talents from throughout Japan congregate in Yokohama for an annual festival of street performances, and they are available for command performances.

Website http://daidogei.jp/en

Martial Arts and Ninja

Martial arts

Samurai sword artist Kamui Ever popular with guests from overseas are exhibitions of Japanese martial arts.

Samurai sword artist Kamui
Website http://www.k-kamui.jp/en/homepage.php

Ninja shows

Ninja shows Japan’s famous ninja appear in performances of magical acrobatics.

Website http://shinobinoshu.the-ninja.jp/shinobiculture.html


Live music performances

Live music performances
Traditional Japanese
Contact the Yokohama Convention & Visitors Bureau for details.

Hello Kitty Show

Hello Kitty Show Hello Kitty and her friends from Sanrio Puroland also accept invitations to perform for convention attendees.

Website http://en.puroland.jp

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