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【Shotenbashi Center, Sugita Ekimae Shotenkai, Sugita Shotengai (Plum Road), Sugita Tokakai Shotengai, Plula Sugita Senmontenkai, La Vista Shin-Sugita Tenant-kai】

In 1930 Sugita Station (now part of the Keikyu Railway Main Line) was completed connecting the once rural Sugita area to busy downtown Yokohama. As expected, rail access led to an increase in residents and the neighborhood began to develop. The origin of the shopping district radiating out from the station can be traced back to the early 1940s.

Sugita got a second station in 1970 when JR Shin-Sugita Station, part of the Negishi Line, was built roughly 700 meters from Sugita Station. As is common in Japan, train stations represent major hubs of activity. Growth of the shopping district was spurred by pedestrian traffic moving between the two stations.

In 1979, major plans were launched to redevelop the entire area between the two stations. In 1989, Shin-Sugita Station was rebuilt adding a new line, the Kanazawa Seaside Line. Following that, in 1993, a new Keikyu Sugita Station was built with the Plula (pronounced Pu-ra-ra) Sugita shopping center encompassing it. The opening of its 55 stores was the cause of much excitement. The name Plula derives from the word plum, a crop for which the area had been known for hundreds of years. In centuries past plum orchards dotted the landscape of rural Sugita.

Shin-Sugita got its own shopping center, La Vista, about ten years later in 2004. In addition to a wealth of shopping options, both Plula and La Vista also contain apartments and all the services residents require, such as banking, a post office, supermarkets, and a health club. La Vista also has a performing arts center called Sugita Gekijō that hosts a number of international artists as well as local ones. The two shopping centers are connected by Plum Road, which also has a variety of shops and restaurants. If that isn’t enough, more stores and eateries can be found in Shotenbashi Center on Plum Road, busy Sugita Ekimae Shotenkai in front of Sugita station, and Sugita Tokakai Shotengai along Route 16, the major thoroughfare leading to downtown Yokohama.

The local leaders work hard to maintain a lively atmosphere and there always seems to be some event being held in the neighborhood. The Sugita Matsuri (festival) may be one of the biggest. Residents gather to carry portable shrines through the streets to Sugita Hachimangū in this two-day, community-building celebration. Every year at the end of April, students from kindergarten through high school perform in a brass band concert that commemorates the anniversary of Plula’s completion on April 29th. At the end of October children can enjoy a Halloween event in which they dress up and visit participating stores in Plula to get treats. Other big events include fall and winter festivals, a Christmas concert and a men’s pro-wrestling performance.

Due to the benefit of having both Shin-Sugita and Keikyu Sugita Stations, Sugita’s shopping areas are easily accessed from many points in the surrounding area. It takes less than twenty minutes to get to Sugita Station from Yokohama Station. The Kanazawa Seaside Line connects Shin-Sugita to popular destination Hakkeijima Sea Paradise, an amusement park and aquarium. Families should look into spending a day there. The Yokohama District Immigration Office is also nearby, so many international residents often move through the stations and visit the shops.

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Events & Festivals

  • August
    Fureai Sugita Festival
  • August
    La Vista Shin-Sugita Summer Festival


Sugita Ekimae Shotenkai
1min. Walk from r "Sugita Station": Keikyu Line
7min. Walk from "Shin-Sugita Station": JR Keihin-Tohoku/Negishi Line, Seaside Line

Sugita Shotengai (Plum Road)
4min. Walk from "Shin-Sugita Station": JR Keihin-Tohoku/Negishi Line, Seaside Line
1min. Walk from "Sugita Station": Keikyu Line

Sugita Tokakai Shotengai
3min. Walk from "Shin-Sugita Station": JR Keihin-Tohoku/Negishi Line, Seaside Line
5min. Walk from "Sugita Station": Keikyu Line

Shotenbashi Center
3min. Walk from "Shin-Sugita Station": JR Keihin-Tohoku/Negishi Line, Seaside Line
4min. Walk from "Sugita Station": Keikyu Line

Plula Sugita Senmontenkai
Near "Sugita Station": Keikyu Line
8min. Walk from "Shin-Sugita Station": JR Keihin-Tohoku/Negishi Line, Seaside Line

La Vista Shin-Sugita Tenant-kai
1min. Walk from "Shin-Sugita Station": JR Keihin-Tohoku/Negishi Line, Seaside Line
5min. Walk from "Sugita Station": Keikyu Line


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