Minoya Arare -美濃屋あられ-

Minoya Arare


Minoya Arare started out as a Yokohama family business and still is. Since 1927 they've been producing their own rice-cracker mixes based on family recipes. They've grown over the decades, though, and now have a small factory in Kominato that produces over forty different varieties of snacks. Three of them are produced to pair well with beer: the Olibeer (which derives from"olive oil"&"beer"),the Shiodare (salty sauce),and the Beer Gaki.

Says fourth-generation Komori, who really loves beer and whose grandfather still heads the company: "We started making the Beer Gaki a few years ago and they became very popular. We use beef extract because sausages and meats go so well with beer. We approximated that flavor in the cracker sauce, and then added peanuts."

Kaki no Tane is the most popular mix. The Wasabi Crackers are also a hit. You don't even have to leave your couch and your beer, either; Minoya's snacks are avaliable through the internet.

If they make beer snacks so well and can run a factory, why not beer as well? Says Komori,"I'd rather enjoy beer than make a job of it."

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