Beer Festivals-ビアフェス-

BeerFes Yokohama

Yokohama also hosts several smaller craft beer festivals, the most important of which, BeerFes Yokohama, takes place every year on a three-day holiday weekend in mid-September. Traditionally held at the Osanbashi pier, it currently draws over 10,000 guests and features a couple hundred varieties of craft beer from across Japan. Best of all, it's an all-you-can-drink event with small taster glasses so guests can try a whole range of beers. It is hosted by the Japan Craft Beer Association, whose chairman Oda Ryoji launched the craft beer festival scene in Japan in 1998.

A more recent event is the Ichinoseki Beer Festival held in Yokohama in late September. This event features beers from Tohoku and Kanagawa, as well as a selection of Belgian ales imported by one of the organizers. This same company hosts the Bruxellensis Beer Festival, a Belgian beer event, usually during Golden Week.

Finally, the Yokohama Seasider Magazine regularly hosts smaller craft beer parties in various interesting venues around the city. Announcements are made via their mailing list, which anyone can join by sending an e-mail with the title "Mailing List" and your name in the body

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