Bashamichi Taproom Thrash Zone

Neither Bashamichi Taproom nor Thrash Zone are brewpubs in the traditional sense of the word. “Brewpub” generally designates a bar or restaurant that brews and serves craft beer on premises. But both deserve special mention in this section because they serve their own original craft beer, brewed at small facilities elsewhere.

Bashamichi Taproom is owned and operated by Baird Brewing, one of Japan’s best craft breweries, located in Numazu. Owner Bryan Baird has won respect around the world for his array of ales and lagers, many of which are only brewed seasonally. This location is Bryan’s fourth taproom, and also his largest. He decided to open in Yokohama because he was impressed by the city’s vibrant beer scene. He and head brewer Chris Poel brew the “Bashamichi Ale” exclusively for the restaurant. It has a slightly smoky flavor which pairs well with pit master Chuck’s authentic barbecue. Occasionally, Baird will brew a special seasonal for the restaurant, too.

Thrash Zone’s owner Koichi Katsuki has recently begun brewing beers like the ones he already serves in his bar: extreme. Full-body, high alcohol, massive hop flavor. Previous to starting brewing operations with assistant Tomas Reiff, Katsuki had already achieved acclaim for one of his beer recipes that was brewed by nearby Atsugi Beer. Called “Hopslave”, it is the darling of beer geeks everywhere.Naturally, everyone is looking forward to what new brews Katsuki will serve at Thrash Zone for his typically amazing prices.


Naka-ku, Sumiyoshi-cho 5-63-1

Kanagawa-ku, Tsuruya-cho 2-10-7

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