Perhaps no other area in Yokohama has gone through a renaissance in recent years quite like Yoshida-machi. Once a couple of sleepy streets with many shuttered businesses, it’s now a lively entertainment district with plenty to do, day and night. It’s located in the middle of a large concentration of the craft beer bars featured in these pages. Bay Brewing, in fact, is in the heart of Yoshidamachi.

Foodies will love the options available. The area is surprisingly international, with everything from Greek, Italian, French and Southeast Asian to many traditional Japanese restaurants, some of them quite famous. Something is always open, whether for lunch, dinner, late-night or even very early morning. The number of bars packed into this little district is impressive as well. Come and explore; discover for yourself which one boasts the world bartending champion, which has the biggest whiskey collection in the area, and which ones serve some kind of craft beer.

The larger Kannai area contains over 100 private galleries, and a handful of those are located on Yoshidamachi’s main strip. Most of the work is amateur, but some of it quite impressive. Much of it is for sale.

The neighborhood association frequently hosts special events, like a street block party with ample beer selections. The bar association organizes regular joint events as well. Visit the district’s website for shop, event and gallery information in Japanese, or pick up a copy of the Yokohama Seasider for events listed in English on its calendar.

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