YokohamaStation Area-横浜駅-

Yokohama Station can seem on first glance like an overcrowded transit area, but the surrounding city blocks offer a little bit of everything.

Most of Yokohama’s major department stores and shopping areas are located within a block of the station. Takashimaya, Sogo, Bay Quarter, Joinus, Lumine and More’s are the biggest. In Takashimaya, check out their area of official Yokohama products. Several major electronics stores are in the immediate area for camera, phone and related needs. Tokyo Hands, for miscellaneous items galore, is just a few blocks away.

For a little taste of a bygone age, venture through Hama Yokochou’s retro alley, where over a dozen tiny eateries are crammed into the confined space behind More’s. Expect the food to be casual, cheap and decidedly Japanese, with fried and grilled items like fish, pork and chicken being common to many menus. Careful when coming down any of the super-steep stairs after a few drinks!

One of the best live houses in the region, Thumbs Up, is located in the Movil building. Nightly shows (except for private parties) showcase some of best Japanese and international acts in a wide range of genres to come through the city. Their food is pretty good, too! A small sister store called Grassroots, located just beyond More’s, offers fantastic live-painting shows every month with world-renowned artists—and they sometimes have bottled craft beer, too!

For more sophisticated leisure activity, check out what the galleries in Sogo and Takashimaya department stores are hosting—you might be surprised by some of the famous artists displayed there. The Hara Model Railway Museum is nearby, too. Finally, on the east side of the station beyond Sogo lies the Nissan Global Headquarters. Their showroom might be worth a peak.

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