Smart-illumination Yokohama

smart illumination.jpgPart of the art project which utilize public spaces with the aim of merging urban tourism and art. This year, energy efficient night illuminations will be used to decorate public spaces by merging environmental technologies and art. Since the Great East Japan Earthquake, the need to utilize LED lights, solar panels and other energy generation methods and energy storing systems have increased more than ever. Smart-illumination Yokohama recognizes these trends and use LED lightings to artistically illuminate public spaces such as parks and buildings. In addition, there will be workshops which you can learn the history and mechanism of LED, walking event through the illuminations, night picnic, and live events during the period.
Dates October 7 (Fri.) to 9 (Sun.)
18:00 to 24:00
Venue Zou-no-hana Park / Zou-no-hana Terrace Osanbashi Hall-Kanagawa Prefectural Youth Center-Orbi Yokohama-MARK IS minatomirai-Pub Brewery Spring Valley-Restaurant Beer Port-Scandia-Sankei Garden Museum Shop-Yokohama's Best Collection 2-Yodobashi Camera Multi Media Yokohama
Tel Zo-no-Hana Terrace Tel: 045-661-0602
Closest Railways Station Nihon Odori Station: Minato Mirai Line
Ticket Info Free Admission