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The 12th Asian Congress of Nutrition (ACN2015)

The 12th Asian Congress of Nutrition (ACN2015) was held from 14th to 18th May 2015, at PACIFICO Yokohama.
Following the meeting, Prof. Teruo Miyazawa, Chair, Organizing Committee of 12th ACN Committee sent comments on the success of the Congress.

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1.The 12th Asian Congress of Nutrition was the first time the ACN was held in Japan since it was held in Osaka 28 years ago, in 1987.
Please tell us about the significance and the accomplishments of this year’s ASN being held in Japan.
Emerging countries in Asia have experienced significant changes in diet and lifestyle together with rapid urbanization, economic growth, and globalization since the ACN was held in Osaka in 1987. For example, coexistence of malnutrition and excessive nutritional intake has become obvious in the same community and in the same country. I think that it is especially meaningful that we were able to hold this ACN in Japan by demonstrating our leadership and advancement in nutrition science by presenting our experiences as a country that overcame the malnutrition of the years following WWII to become one of the world's leading countries in terms of longevity, and, more recently, by sharing the results of our research on the increase in lifestyle-related diseases caused by excessive nutritional intake following development with other Asian countries. At this ACN, we had total of 3,769 participants from 51 countries and regions (including 1,149 people from overseas). We expect that the participants will go back to their countries with the knowledge and academic insights to conduct further research and to implement new practices, which will contribute to solving various problems related to nutrition and food in their countries.
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2.This Yokohama ACN was a magnificent opportunity to demonstrate our advancements and leadership in nutrition science to the rest of Asia and the world. Would you share your thoughts about what was most impressive to you about the event with us?
There were 5 keynote speeches, 13 educational lectures, and 48 symposium sessions, in addition to 1,482 presentations by representatives from member countries and regions of the Federation of Asian Nutrition Societies (FANS), including 142 oral and 1,340 poster sessions. I was strongly impressed by the poster session venues being packed to capacity and the vigorous question-and-answer sessions.
Also, we subsidized a portion of the travel expenses and participation fees for 41 selected Travel Award winners, who were thought to be the brightest aspiring researchers among all of the presenters from abroad, in order to encourage the participation of young nutrition researchers in Asian countries. We also presented Young Investigator Awards to 20 prominent oral presentations by young researchers, as well as 9 Poster Awards and other various awards. I will remember the smiles at the awards ceremony of those young nutrition researchers who were able to come to this ACN in Japan thanks to this financial support.
3.I assume that there were many participants from overseas who had never been to Yokohama before. Did you hear any impressions of Yokohama from such participants?
Yokohama City provided Japanese cultural experience programs such as yukata-dressing, tea ceremony, and origami classes, a duty-free shopping tour, restaurant coupons, and a pipe organ concert, as their “omotenashi” hospitality program, which was well-received by the foreign participants. Also, at the cocktail party before the congress dinner held at a hotel next to Pacifico Yokohama, we held a traditional Japanese fair-style event where the participants enjoyed such activities as traditional paper cutout making, sculptured candies, and ring toss. We also had good weather throughout the congress, so that participants seemed to have a good time walking along the bay from the convention center to the exhibition hall with the view of the port around Pacifico Yokohama.
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4.What did you think about the support you received from Yokohama City and Yokohama Convention and Visitors Bureau (YCVB)? Can you tell us what was the most helpful support we provided? Please also share what you expect from the host city in the future.
We appreciate YCVB’s full cooperation in the preparation process such as sending an invitation from the Yokohama City Mayor to the chairman of FANS to encourage the holding of the congress in Yokohama, as well as their help at the presentation for the selection process. Last year, the city expanded the eligibilities and the grant-in-aid amount to encourage large-size international conventions to convene in Yokohama, and we felt great confidence in the support from YCVB. We found the Yokohama-MICE support plan to be very useful, as the plan provided various options for support and we made maximum use of the plan for advertisements and others areas. The participants greatly appreciated the warm hospitality of the helpful volunteers at the sight-seeing and restaurants information desk for foreign visitors, which YCVB set up at the reception for the congress.
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